General Rules

  • No inappropriate behavior

  • No glomping

  • No signs

  • Badges/Wristbands must be worn and visible at all times

  • Keep walkways clear

  • No Alcohol

  • No harassing of cosplayers or other con-goers

  • Please ask permission to take pictures of other people

  • Friday 8PM- 12AM is 18+ only. All con-goers will be required to provide a state issued ID to participate in the 18+ panels and events

*Official convention photographers will be photographing everyone and everything at the convention. If you do not want your picture taken, simply face away from the camera. The photographer will not take your picture. If they have already taken the picture, kindly ask them to delete it. They will do so.

SCACon has a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. We are a student driven convention and we intend to create a positive con environment for all attendees and participants.

**Convention Security and Campus Police reserve the right to confiscate any weapons and escort you off the premises for any reason

Bulky Costumes

-Please use a handler for large/bulky costumes, fursuits, wings, etc (volunteer handlers are available upon request.)

Cosplay Rules

Cosplay Guide.jpg
  • No nudity (see chart)

  • Shoes must be worn at all times

  • All torsos (regardless of gender) must be covered

  • No real weapons

  • No guns allowed (real, plastic, printed, ect) no guns of any kind will be allowed into the convention.

  • No metal weapons

  • No sharp edges on weapons

  • No wooden weapons

  • Blunt weapons must be made of foam and sheathed

  • All weapons must be sheathed

  • Weapons of any kind may not be swung, fired, etc.

  • All weapons or large props must go through prop inspection

  • Costumes associated with organized hate groups are forbidden. This includes cosplay of fictitious Nazis or Nazi-like organizations from Hellsing, Tanya the Evil, Captain America, Indiana Jones, etc. Absolutely no swastika imagery is allowed.

Tournament Rules



  • One entry per person

  • No controller abuse

  • No Fighting

  • No throwing things

Waifu Wars

  • Waifu Wars will be conducted on a bracket system

  • When your register yourself also register which waifu or husbando you are defending. Ex: Steve Jobs - Saitama (One Punch Man)

  • Contestants must argue why their waifu/husbando is better than their opponents

  • Arguments can be no longer than 3 minutes

  • No outright trashing/bashing waifus/husbandos. Attack only their argument or argue yours is better

  • No throwing things

  • The judges will decide the winner of each round

  • Each contestant will have one minute of opening argument, one minute of rebuttal, and one minute of conclusion

Cosplay Contest

  • All participants must have a convention badge/wristband

  • Participants under 13 years old must have parental permission to enter

  • All contest participants must be in the room during the contest

  • All contestants must adhere to the general cosplay rules

  • Contest registration will be open until one hour before the contest on Saturday

  • Check-in will be one hour before the contest on Saturday

  • The contest will be held in the SSTU Living Room at 1 pm***

***Please note the SSTU Living Room is upstairs. Please make any necessary augmentations to your costumes to account for this.